Mother of the Buddhas

"The appearance of separately self-aware and substantially self-existing beings and events is the result of the primordial ignorance which unconsciously and instinctively projects the notions of individuality, substance and separation. Persons who naively take their perceptual and conceptual experience, or even their contemplative experience, as literal or complete are attempting to root themselves existentially on the level of mere abstract conventional constructs. They indulge, obviously or subtly, in the false reasoning that presumes a structure must exhibit substantiality or encounterability in order to exist at all. This largely unconscious reasoning blinds naive realists and even naive contemplatives to the transparent, insubstantial yet totally functional existence of all structures and processes, forcing such persons to live instead within complex sets of wordly or religious abstractions and conventions which they presume to be solid, findable and therefore real."

(Meditation on the Prajnaparamita Sutra)

Hixon, Lex (1993)


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